Update on the Dictionaries for Detainees Project – by Sally

Website: http://dictionariesfordetainees.com

Dear Friends of RRAN, It has been a busy six months for D4Ds! The response from the Australian community and from the people being detained has been quite extraordinary.

Thanks to your donations, over 120 people detained in Leonora, Curtin and Perth Detention centres have been provided with their own dual language dictionary.

Together, we are beginning to provide an alternative to the racist and divisive rhetoric of the Australian media and government. We are demonstrating that Australians are caring and compassionate people who welcome refugees to our lives and communities. What we have achieved so far, however, is only the beginning. Word of the dictionaries has spread amongst the Hazara men detained at Curtin.

They have been organising their own English language classes, using the dictionaries we send them. We are receiving personal requests for dictionaries by the truckload, and currently have many hundreds of people patiently waiting. We don’t think it will be long before all 1200 men have contacted us to ask if they may get one too. In order for this to happen we need more money! READ MORE…

Please give generously, and forward this request to anyone you know who might be interested.

Don’t forget to also include a personal message of support if you wish. Detail on how you can donate via Paypal or direct bank deposit is below.

Enough talk from me, here are what some of the people being detained have to say about your kind donations….

“Thank you to all staff in the Refugee Rights Action Network and to the kind and generous Australian families. My name is Hussain and I would like to thank you deeply for the donation. Thank you for your kindness and consideration that you have realised our feeling.”

“Dear friends, I regared for you and I hope for help of God and Jesus to you. I want to say thanks for dictionary just I received in my camp Curtin. I’m glad you remembered me and I pray for you and Austaralian people whose help us for education in the camp. We take help more from this dictionary and our English language is improved. If tomorrow I get my visa than I can’t face any difficult so I want say again thanks lots of thanks you are help us I respect you.”

“Dear friends, this is Nojaf and I have received your dictionary, I am very happy with that and I am proud of you, thanks a lot for that. I hope you all a happy new year with your nice family and wish you best of luck.”

“I have received your letters and dictionaries thanks alot for this and thanks for your compassion. I appreciate your nice feeling.”

“To my dear friends, Hi, you remember me I am in Leonora Campe and you send To me Letter and Dictionary book. There is some family need more dictionary and one more for me also because one family need my one and I give Them and Please pery [pray] for us we come out because we are very become tiered. There my children are verry sed. They are become seek. Thanks. Bye.”

“Dear friends, I received your parcel thank you very much for it. please convey my best regards to your family members. The dictionary was good. Please keep in touch. There are some of my friends they also need assistance from you. Please help them.”

“Received your parcel last week, thank you for your help and it is very kind of you. Please convey my best regards to your family.”

To donate money for dictionaries

By PayPal: http://rran.org/dictionary/donate

By Direct Deposit:

Account name – Dictionaries for Detainees

Bank - ING
BSB no. 923-100
Account no. 30871879

To send a message of friendship or support:

Email: refugeerights.actionnetwork@gmail.com


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