Khadim’s Story

My name was Khadim. I was born in Pakistan, a country where bomb blasts and terrorist attacks are frequent, this forced me to flee in the hope of finding a safe place for me and my family to live. I tried to seek asylum in Australia via Indonesia in 2012. The first time I attempted to reach Australia, the engine failed and my boat started to sink. Sharks circled the boat and tried to attack us, but luckily we escaped with only a few scratches. At that time we were still in Indonesian waters and the navy rescued us and took us back to land. Then we were detained. We knew there was no hope or future for us in Indonesia so sometime later when we got out of the detention centre, we attempted the journey again but the same thing happened and the navy took us back.

After that I tried to apply with the UNHCR in Indonesia, I waited 6 months but received no response. I had a wife and two children waiting for me back home in Pakistan, I missed them a lot. I was the only one who could support them, but in Indonesia I couldn’t do anything for them. I had no right to work, I was living undocumented and constantly at risk of being detained. I was struggling to support myself, there was no way to support my family too. My brothers back in Pakistan were still young and were not in a position to help them either. I had hoped to bring my family to a safe place but each day that prospect seemed less likely. The pain of separation was too much to bear and I thought we’d have a better chance at surviving together, than divided across oceans and borders. I went back to Pakistan to reunite with them. Shortly after I got back one of my brothers passed away. A few months later there was a bomb blast and me and my other brother died. I never made it to Australia; I never found safety. 


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