The current approach of inflicting ever more cruelty on refugees, including dumping them on our poorest neighbours, will cost many lives and billions of dollars, and is wrong. The right way forward needs a commitment to a genuine regional approach that cares for refugees with the kind of political leadership shown after the Vietnam War.

On the 31st of August, several leading legal, political, humanitarian and human rights experts joined over 300 people to discuss genuine and effective responses to this complex humanitarian and political issue. The panellists were Julian Burnside, Senator Scott Ludlam (Australian Greens), Rosemary Hudson-Miller (Uniting Church), Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny (Curtin University) and Phil Chilton (RRAN).

Co-sponsored by the Greens (WA), Uniting Church, Curtin University Centre for Human Rights Education, Human Rights Centre and the Refugee Rights Action Network

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Rally for Refugees

There is nothing illegal about crossing a border to seek asylum. Refugees are not “illegal” and should have their human rights respected. This rally is calling for an end to the “PNG solution”, an end to offshore processing, an end to mandatory detention and for freedom for refugees.

1pm, Sat 24 August

Murray Street Mall, Perth City

“let them land, let them stay”

Organised by Refugee Rights Action Network

Attend on FaceBook:

Vigil outside Melissa Parke’s office
To to demonstrate community opposition to the PNG “solution” and Ms Parkes’ support for abandonment of the refugee convention.

4pm, Thursday 15 Aug
Melissa Parke’s office, 62 Wray Ave, Fremantle

We will be delivering copies of petitions we have been gathering signatures on opposing the off shore processing of asylum seekers.


On the 1st of July, we announced that we were moving from our old Facebook group to our new Facebook page.  Since then, nearly 600 people have liked our page, and our rally events have reached over 8,000 people!

And while we’ve experimented with a bit of paid Facebook advertising to help promote our rallies, we’d like to try something even better — Donate Your Account.

What is Donate Your Account?

In a nutshell, Donate Your Account (DYA) allows people to ‘donate’ their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Well, almost. A better way of putting it is that it allows you to share your accounts with groups that you like so they can make a limited number of posts on your behalf. These posts are clearly identified as donated, but since they’re coming from your account, they are seen by all of your friends — and all of this is done automatically so you don’t even need to share them yourself (unless you want to add a comment or introduction). Also, you get to choose how many posts you want to share — the current options are one per day, one per week and one per month.

What this means to RRAN is that instead of our posts being seen by 600 people, we could very easily reach over 10,000 people. And we could share information about our events, myth busters and important news stories with your friends without having to run paid Facebook ads.

What exactly will we publish?

At the moment, we have three DYA campaigns — what we publish through your account depends on which of the campaign(s) you choose to sign up for:

  • Refugee Rights Action Network WA, our general campaign which we’ll use to share information about coming RRAN events and important fact sheets and news updates;
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Also, please note that the number of posts you choose to donate are an upper limit — especially for the latter two campaigns, we are unlikely to share more than a couple of stories per week. Plus you can always change your donation.

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After an excellent turnout at last Saturday’s rally, lets keep up the pressure on the government and the Coalition. In the lead-up to the election it is critical that we maintain the momentum and express our outrage through further protests.

The government has increased the vilification of refugees with an advertising blitz worth millions of dollars. They have so much blood on their hands. It was revealed this week that rescue attempts of refugees in distress at sea were deliberately delayed. Meanwhile thousands languish in detention centres until their spirit is crushed. We can’t allow this to continue.

Check out the facebook event here, click attending and be sure to invite your friends!

Rally again to show your opposition to the current policy and to help win a policy of closing all detention centres and welcoming refugees.

1pm Sat 3 August
Murray Street Mall, Perth City

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Join the Refugee Rights Action Network this Saturday the 27th of July, 1pm in the Murray St Mall to protest against Rudd’s policy changes to asylum seeker processing.

You can find the facebook event by clicking here. Please click attending and invite your friends.

* * *

On Saturday July 20, between 200-300 people protested in Perth against Rudd’s extreme plan to never again allow refugees arriving by boat to be settled in Australia. The protest was organised with less than 24 hours notice.

(Similar rallies were held in other cities and were well attended too.)

Then on Monday, 45 people attended the biggest meeting ever of the Refugee Rights Action Network to plan further action. We’ve organised another rally for this coming Saturday:

1pm Sat 27 July

Murray Street Mall, Perth city

An important moment has been reached in the campaign for refugee rights and whether this is your first rally or you’ve been to many, we need to demonstrate now that we will not allow this abject betrayal of human rights to go unchallenged.

This policy will not stop boats. It will only punish the innocent people who come to Australia seeking our help.

It is important to remember that this policy can be defeated and actions and protests like this coming Saturday are an important part of making that happen.

* * *

DOWNLOAD: 4 x A6 flyers

DOWNLOAD: A4 posters


Perth group Action for Human Rights in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka held a screening of the documentary No Fire Zone on Sunday, June 30th as part of the national tour. The film documents the war crimes perpetrated against the Tamil people in the last 138 days of the civil war in Sri Lanka with confronting footage taken by those on the ground experiencing the shocking events.

This is essential viewing in a country that receives applicants for asylum from Sri Lanka, particularly in light of the comments made by Bob Carr during the past week dubbing asylum seekers from Sri Lanka “economic migrants”.

The “screening out” procedures used by the government to justify this are extremely suspect. In the Q&A session after the showing, directory Callum MacRae stated that as Sri Lanka considers those attempting to flee the country as “enemies”, forced deportations are incredibly dangerous. He and co-panelist Senator Scott Ludlam led a spirited discussion of the issues facing Tamils in their quest for justice and safety.

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On June 30th yet another spate of bombings occurred in three separate parts of Pakistan. Shia Muslims were targeted in Quetta with responsibility being claimed by Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Hazaras in particular have suffered at the hands of this group, forcing many to seek asylum in Australia with Hazara refugees composing one of the largest populations in Australian detention centres.

The Perth Hazara community held a candlelight vigil in Langley Park on Tuesday, July 2nd, to show respect for the victims and their families, and to protest the ongoing persecution of Hazaras. Spokesperson Shafaat Ali Hazara called for a greater understanding of the plight of Shia Muslims and stated, “The Perth Hazara community is angered and saddened by the ongoing attacks and demands both justice and an end to the violence”.

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David Rovics - Wed 28 AugProgressive US singer/songwriter David Rovics will be performing a special gig in Perth on August 28 as a fundraiser for Refugee Rights Action Network and Green Left Weekly.
7pm Wed 28 August

Fremantle Workers’ Club
5-9 Henry St, Fremantle

Support act: SugarChild

$25/$20 conc/$40 solidarity

Book your ticket online now!

David has been playing “songs of social significance” for more than two decades including a very strong focus of supporting anti-racist causes. He is a fierce critic of Western governments throwing their weight around the world and is a strong supporter of liberation for Palestine.

This video is of a song about the wall Israel is building to divide Palestine applied to the wall being built along the US-Mexican border to keep Latin American’s out of the US. He also wrote the song “No One Is Illegal” which features in the video about RRAN’s Northam convergence this year.

Sugarchild are the bastard children of Gillian Welch and the Counting Crows, playing sad yet foot-tapping songs about life, love and society.

Last time David was in Perth:

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