This was a message that RRAN received from a man staying in Perth Detention Centre during the anti-deportation actions. Two Tamil men were due to be deported back to Sri Lanka so members of RRAN  surrounded the detention centre. Whilst we were doing so some of the guys inside kicked a volleyball over the fence, we retrieved it and wrote the words ‘freedom‘ on it and kicked it back over. They then wrote their details on it and threw it back over enabling us to get into contact with them and receive this message:

hello, i want just tell you my and my friends especial tanx yap! you action was perfect and effactive it was supposed to deport two serilankaiyan guys today to their home but because of you apprishiable strugling to supporting us, DIAC canceld that decision, and they are still here whit us, tank you very much just keep going on , we hope some day we could return all of your goodness ” 

People who have been in contact with the two men who were set to be deported have said

“V very happy and was not removed from centre yesterday so was there when E was brought in and was such an emotional reunion. V was there when activists were calling for freedom on the outside and could hear the chants. Cannot find words to say how happy.”

The two men themselves, stopped only hours before being deported and who were convinced that they would be removed forcibly removed from Australia have said:

“We cannot thank you enough for what you all have done for us. We and our family will always be grateful to you all for saving our lives.  Thank you very very much for all the hard work you and your team did for us. Please continue supporting refugees in however way you can..we need you.

Bala uncle, please let all the lawyers and barristers know that we are grateful to them as they saved us from the killing fields with their tireless efforts.

Victoria please pass our best regards and thanks to all the other activists.

Thanks again. You are all very kind and amazing people. We both hope to see you all in a free world soon.

V & E


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