The statement below was issued by asylum seekers on Nauru following their protest yesterday (Sunday 29 Oct) afternoon.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul on 0417 275 713.


We heard several times from different authorities that the sending of us [to Nauru] is an argument of giving lessons to those who have intention of coming to Australia through the sea by people smugglers.

Now we are sacrificed of Nauru living in a hot and wild place in a worst situation that gradually move us towards death.

Isn’t our coming here give this message that those who are coming by sea to Australia if they are not sink in sea, will be killed in Nauru?

Isn’t it far from justice that the painful and sorrowful conditions of our life without providing anything to us is giving lesson for others, we should be witness of pains, diseases and death.

The World independent news channel, Human Right Commissions and the Communities of Oppressed peoples.

We have been sacrificed to give lesson to those who comes to Australia by boat.

This is justice?

Transferring of asylum seekers by fraud and force.

This is justice?

Having no option we prefer to die instead of living in Nauru.

We request to PM and MP’s of Australia to save our lives, take us back to Australia and process our cases.

The policy of Nauru and PNG has no advantage for both Asylum seekers and Australian government.

So please don’t destroy our future and don’t make us crazy.

This policy is destroying well educated and skillful asylum seekers in Nauru.

Today, we got together to announce that we will continue our protest until shifting to Australia and processing our cases.

Asylum Seekers on Nauru: 28/10/2012

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