Asylum seekers from Nauru have made a desperate call to the Refugee Action Coalition saying they “are in a very bad situation” and “we need urgent help”.

“We believe the media is not allowed to come to see us. Please tell the media, we need them to come to Nauru to see us here and see our bad situation. We request the media,” the Refugee Action was told.

“We have no accommodation. We are in tents. We have no fans, no water, no air conditioner and no fridge. It is very hot – 40 degrees; 42 degrees,” the Nauru callers said.

“Every day, people are sick. The weather is making people sick – people have headaches; there is high blood pressure; some have sugar problems. People are sick, mentally sick and physically sick.

“This is very bad situation. We need the media to come and see our situation. We cannot get answers. We ask when we will see immigration, but we are told every time to wait. The Salvation Army has no answer. We met the Salvation Army today but we are told again to wait for immigration.

“We came to Australia for protection, not Nauru. We are not criminals; we are asylum seekers. But we are in Nauru camp. It is not camp; it is Nauru Hell.

“People have attempted suicide. Every day people are mentally sick. They have used blades to cut themselves. Now they are being followed everywhere by four security guards.”

The call confirmed that there is a hunger strike by 4 or 5 people; one of them has not eaten for 11 days.

There are now around 420 asylum seekers on Nauru.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul on 0417 275 713.

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