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Asylum seekers imprisoned on Nauru released the statement below on November 5. The asylum seekers are currently on hunger strike, demanding that the Australian government process their claims for refugee status.

Today, dated 5/11/2012, we all asylum seekers in Nauru Hell are on hunger strikes. Today is our 5th day of hunger strike, and this is very clear from our hunger strike that in which conditions we are.

We want the attention of the people of Australia to know about our bad conditions and to make a voice against this inhumanity. The conditions here we have, we are living here in crowded tents in a hot and humid temperature of 42 Celsius without having any fans and A/C for unknown time.

In this modern period nobody wants to keep domestic animals in such worst environment.

We come to peaceful Australia because we were not safe and we were confined to a limited area in our homeland but again we are facing the same problem.

Until now no body is asking about our hunger strike. Day by day the number of collapsing asylum seeker is increasing. Today 15 more asylum seekers collapsed on the 5th day of hunger strike. Until now 70 asylum seekers have been collapsed.

We are requesting to lower and the people of Australia to make voice for the humanity and us to save our lives and future because in this wild environment asylum seekers are attempting suicides, hurting themselves and now we have started hunger strike.

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