The Nauru Hell and the Modern Period
Is it the era of technology or imprisonment?
in the present time of technology and communication that human are living .

Men struggle even to reach the galaxies,but there are some people who live in the prison without any sin and crime.

These sinless and crimeless human have left their countries in order to save their lives and to seek asylum in the peacefull

 and lawful country of Australia.But now they have been to confined the prison like Nauru Hell for unknown time.

Day by day our mental and physical health is drawning bad and are attemptiing suicide and hunger strikes for unlimited time untill gettting our rights means taking us to Australia and processing our cases.

We have tolerated bad condition to reach Australia so as to save our lives and families.

On Wednesday two of the asylum seekers attempt suicide but fortunately being saved.This was as sorrowfull events that no one remains without crying,weaping and protesting for their rights.

During the peacefull protest one security officer punched on the mouth of an asylum seeker.

One another asylum seeker was crying again and again not to attempt suicide,at last he became unconcious ,but we didnt see any help from the security to stop the asylum seeker from attempting suicide.

We request to the people of Australia to help the Oppressed and helpless asylum seekers in Nauru Hell to help them in shutting down of Nauru.

Today on 1/11/2012 we have started hunger strike for unknown time, it is clear that we are dying here on every moment. Please save our lives.


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