With Labor’s Pacific “Solution” set to claim its first fatality, the Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) is holding an emergency protest tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28th) outside the office of Labor Senator Louise Pratt in East Perth.

Omid, the Iranian asylum seeker on Nauru who has been maintaining a hunger strike for 47 days now, is nearing the end of his life.

He sent out what could be his final message to the world yesterday:

My name is OMID SOROUSHEH LIC017 one of refugees in Nauru , me and 19 more are on trusts and hunger strike and today is 45th day for me that I don’t drink any water for 3 days and don’t eat any food for 45 days ; I don’t stop it until they transfer me back to Australia or let me die here, because what is different between me and others who come after 13th of august that they are going to take in bridge visa and going to city of Australia but me and 399 more must be stay here in very bad situation and when we ask them about the reason they answer us because of your bad luck the organisation which has responsible about it is DAIC and IOM and immigration of Australia . I send this letter to you to know about my situation and my friend’s situation

I want to know that dose human right decide just by refugees chance or refugees situations?
I want justice
I am human

I’ve never wish this situation for any human in the world. I want FREEDOM and NAURU must be close

Labor’s Pacific “Solution” destroys the lives of those refugees it is supposedly intended to protect, and is set to claim its first fatality.

RRAN will be staging a protest outside Louise Pratt’s office at 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28th), with a coffin and a shovel to symbolise the imminent death of Omid, and asking how many deaths it will take before the government abandons this barbaric and inhumane policy?

1pm Wednesday, November 28th
Senator Louise Pratt’s Office
81 Bennett St, East Perth

For more details contact 0417904329.



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