During this dire period for those seeking asylum in Australia, your ongoing support for refugees is invaluable. For refugees imprisoned indefinitely on Manus Island and Nauru, as well as the many thousands either in the mainland detention centres or in the community on bridging visa’s with no work rights, your support means so much.

In collaboration with activist groups across the country, RRAN hopes to create a groundswell of opinion against the current draconian refugee policy and make a change for the better.

But doing this costs money! If you appreciate the work that we do, could you spare some money to help facilitate a bigger and better campaign for refugee rights?

At the moment we are organising:

Your financial support will help to make all of these events better and have more impact by going towards radio/print advertising, banners, placards, and all of the attendant costs of hosting the National Convergence. All donations, large or small, will make a difference.

Bank details:
Refugee Rights Action Network
National Australia Bank
BSB: 086 006
Account number: 531429447

At RRAN we strive to support, educate and PROTEST the policies. We hope the following words sent to us from an asylum seeker on Manus will inspire so we can continue to provide hope for a better Australia for asylum seekers.

I am a 30 years old Hazari woman from Quetta in Pakistan, the city that terrorists have turned into a place of violence. Here the days are like nights, dark and black. It is a city where mothers are grieving the loss of their children, where many women are wearing black in mourning from losing their husbands. It is a city where children are deprived of their fathers.

Quetta is a city where there is no peace, where my husband and I have fled the country to live in peace and safety. We travelled to Australia to do this and seek refuge, thinking that still there are people who value humanity and human beings. But through my experiences in the Refugee Camps I have lost my hope that I can be heard or helped.

I want to shout even for once in my life and to see if there is still someone who is valuing humanity and our lives. Is there anyone who can show me that humanity hasn’t died. Can I still be hopeful?

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