As many of you know, we recently migrated our mailing list and sent out the first of our regular RRAN newsletters. The last major upgrade that’s left is the move from our long standing ‘Refugee Rights’ group to the new RRAN Facebook page at

While there are actually quite a few reasons for doing this, the main ones are that this move will (a) make it easier for us to share posts, information and fact sheets with you in a way that will be more visible in your feeds; (b) tie in more closely with our newsletter and its sign-up page; and (c) it will allow us to reach more people — with information and news about events — through more affordable ads and cool, participatory, tools like

Over the next day or two, we are going to invite you to like our new page, but if you want to help us out with this process, you can also just head over to and click on the ‘Like’ button to the right of the page’s name.

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support,



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