Join the Refugee Rights Action Network this Saturday the 27th of July, 1pm in the Murray St Mall to protest against Rudd’s policy changes to asylum seeker processing.

You can find the facebook event by clicking here. Please click attending and invite your friends.

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On Saturday July 20, between 200-300 people protested in Perth against Rudd’s extreme plan to never again allow refugees arriving by boat to be settled in Australia. The protest was organised with less than 24 hours notice.

(Similar rallies were held in other cities and were well attended too.)

Then on Monday, 45 people attended the biggest meeting ever of the Refugee Rights Action Network to plan further action. We’ve organised another rally for this coming Saturday:

1pm Sat 27 July

Murray Street Mall, Perth city

An important moment has been reached in the campaign for refugee rights and whether this is your first rally or you’ve been to many, we need to demonstrate now that we will not allow this abject betrayal of human rights to go unchallenged.

This policy will not stop boats. It will only punish the innocent people who come to Australia seeking our help.

It is important to remember that this policy can be defeated and actions and protests like this coming Saturday are an important part of making that happen.

* * *

DOWNLOAD: 4 x A6 flyers

DOWNLOAD: A4 posters


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