On the 1st of July, we announced that we were moving from our old Facebook group to our new Facebook page.  Since then, nearly 600 people have liked our page, and our rally events have reached over 8,000 people!

And while we’ve experimented with a bit of paid Facebook advertising to help promote our rallies, we’d like to try something even better — Donate Your Account.

What is Donate Your Account?

In a nutshell, Donate Your Account (DYA) allows people to ‘donate’ their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Well, almost. A better way of putting it is that it allows you to share your accounts with groups that you like so they can make a limited number of posts on your behalf. These posts are clearly identified as donated, but since they’re coming from your account, they are seen by all of your friends — and all of this is done automatically so you don’t even need to share them yourself (unless you want to add a comment or introduction). Also, you get to choose how many posts you want to share — the current options are one per day, one per week and one per month.

What this means to RRAN is that instead of our posts being seen by 600 people, we could very easily reach over 10,000 people. And we could share information about our events, myth busters and important news stories with your friends without having to run paid Facebook ads.

What exactly will we publish?

At the moment, we have three DYA campaigns — what we publish through your account depends on which of the campaign(s) you choose to sign up for:

  • Refugee Rights Action Network WA, our general campaign which we’ll use to share information about coming RRAN events and important fact sheets and news updates;
  • RRAN WA Myth-busters, which will be used to share myth-busters and fact-checking information; and
  • RRAN WA Dispatches, which we’ll use to share investigative reports and findings on government and corporate policies and abuses.

Also, please note that the number of posts you choose to donate are an upper limit — especially for the latter two campaigns, we are unlikely to share more than a couple of stories per week. Plus you can always change your donation.

So if you’d like to help out the campaign, you can do so in four easy steps:


Step 1: Click on one or more of the above links

Step 2: Click on ‘Donate Facebook’:

Step 3: In order to share posts with your friends, DYA needs access to your friend list; click ‘OK’:

Step 4: Choose who you want to share our posts with (we’d recommend ‘Friends of friends’ or ‘Friends’, but you can go public too):

Step 5: Choose your donation level and click ‘Donate Your Facebook Account’:


That’s it!  Thank you for helping us spread the word and the facts. And if you want to review or change your DYA settings, just go to My Apps on Facebook, and click on ‘Donate Your Account’.

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