Join us on 

Friday 16th Jan from 7 PM 

at the Perth Immigration Detention Centre, corner of McCoomb and Baker near the Domestic Airport.

The men on Manus Island are hunger striking. In Darwin an Iranian man, ‘Martin’  is close to death. His hunger strike is the only way he sees to bring to the world’s attention the plight of people detained indefinitely without charge or trail. Refused refugee status in an often unfair system, too afraid to go home.

‘Martin’ may only have days to live and may already be past the point of no return. Even if he starts eating again, he may not be able to recover.


Some of us will be there all night, trying to draw attention to the terrible circumstances of people in detention. There will be banner painting, some talks, photo ops.

Even if you can’t stay the night, make a showing, or come in the morning. We need enough people there to make this news worthy.

Chech out the photos and updates about what’s happening on Manus.

Detention Harms, Detention Kills. It’s an abuse of basic human rights.


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