Protest against sending families back to Nauru.

In the wake of the High Court decision on so-called ‘offshore processing’, there are dozens of children and hundreds of adults who are now vulnerable to being returned to the hell hole of so-called ‘open detention’ on Nauru. This includes children and adults who have been sexually assaulted, as well as physically and psychologically assaulted. None of the perpetrators have been held to account. Nauru is not a safe place for asylum seekers and refugees. Nauru is not offering permanent resettlement even for people determined to be refugees.

Join RRAN and other allied groups from a broad cross section of the Australian community to voice our collective disgust and absolute opposition with the government’s stated intention to send these people back to Nauru. They sought protection here. It’s Australia’s obligation under international law to consider those claims, not simply shunt people off to places where there is no protection to be had and no safety while they are subject to this farcical process.

Stand with us, stand in the way, let them stay.

6.30 PM. Thursday 4th of February.

Perth Immigration Residential Housing

97 Kanowna Ave East, Redcliffe.


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