The Refugee Rights Action Network converged on Northam Detention Centre this morning and are currently holding up banners and helium balloons on an overlooking hill. People can be spotted within the centre in the recreation yard and can see the large banners being held by up to 150 protesters reading messages such as “Free the refugees”, “No one is illegal” and “Kids in detention is child abuse”.

We mobilised in the centre carpark at the beginning of the protest to hear speeches from guest speakers, Senator Scott Ludlam from The Greens, Caroline Fleay from Curtin Human Rights Centre, Colin Penter from Serco Watch, ex-detainee Jacob and Jess McLeod from Curtin RRAN. Jacob who has been through the detention centre spoke of how in Christmas Island news from protests in Sydney would make there way into the centre and it was the knowledge of protesters and supporters in the community that inspired people to continue holding on until they were freed and to not resort to attempting suicide.

He also recounted a number, the way in which he was named and addressed whilst in detention.




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