‘Allen’ contacted us recently. He is back in Afghanistan. Sadly our airport action was not successful in preventing his deportation in spite of achieving a good turn out. We knew it was unlikely to succeed. The point is to not allow these deportations to occur without dissent and to build our campaign to the point that this sort of refoulement is not politically viable.

We lost this one, but we are not giving up. We continue the fight because we know that this is an issue with much broader consequences that just the welfare of the people suffering in front of us.

UPDATE: Latest information 10.30 am. This Deportation appears to be going ahead. Barring a last minute reprieve we will be meeting at Perth International Airport, terminal T1 from 6pm to flyer passengers and crew.

We deduce that he is going to be on Emirates flight  EK421 departing at  22:10.

‘Allen’ is an ethnic Tajik from Afghanistan. Last month the Australian Border Farce (oops force), tried to deport him to danger. We hope that some brave souls on the flight will object to ‘Allen’ being deported on that flight. It is within the purview of the captain to disembark ‘Allen’.

Kabul is a war zone at the moment. There was a car bomb and deaths at the airport in Kabul only yesterday!

We believe ‘Allen’ will be in danger. He has refused to cooperate with his deportation. He has refused a repatriation package, even though he knows that this means indefinite detention in Australia. He has already spent three years in detention here. For him, detention is better than death. A fate already suffered by his brothers and father.

So join us at T1 from 6.00 pm.

No Deportations to Danger.

-Watch our for updates in case the deportation is cancelled … again-


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