Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) is a political activist group that believes that asylum seekers should not be held in detention centres but welcomed into the community. We criticise the Australian government for its inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. We currently have two branches in WA.
These are RRAN WA, which meets weekly in East Perth, and Fremantle RRAN which meets twice a month in Fremantle. You can see contacts and details under ‘RRAN Meetings’ on the right hand side of this page.

RRAN does a variety of work to try and reveal the many problems of mandatory detention and ultimately work towards dismantling the system of mandatory detention. Our activities include,

  • Bus trips to remote detention centres to allow people to visit asylum seekers and to breach the out of sight, out of mind ideology behind their placement in remote  areas and to show the people inside that there are people in the Australian community who care about them
  • Visiting people in detention
  • Organising and collaborating on political protests
  • Getting information about what happens in detention to the media and generating media stories
  • Assisting people in detention to find legal representation
  • Maintaining communications and links with people held in Manus Island (PNG) and Nauru
  • Community outreach and explaining what’s so wrong with Australia’s policies, both in terms of the immediate suffering of people in this horrible system and the international consequences and undermining the protection of refugees internationally
  • Community based events like book launches and artistic showings and performances




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