For those who haven’t already heard of the ‘First Home Project’, can I recommend going over to and having a look around?

In short, this is an attempt by Jarrod McKenna and Teresa Lee (who have been vouched for by a couple of long-time RRANers) to raise the necessary funds to buy and establish a shared home for themselves and two refugee families at a time, with room to grow should more funds become available. As their attempt to take out a $600,000 home loan was rejected by the bank (because the building is, apparently, too large to be a residence), they’re trying to raise that amount in pledges and donations directly or, failing that, the funds needed to obtain a more expensive commercial loan.

If you’re in a position to give to this project and haven’t already, you should definitely check out their website, and their video, in particular (at And even if you can’t support this project directly, you can help by telling others about it. (They’ve already received over $23,000 in donations and $215,000 in loan pledges, but need to raise more by their deadline of August 12.)

Peter D

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